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2022 Annual Convention PowerPoints - June 13 - 16, 2022

Monday, June 13

Click HERE for PowerPoint: Minimizing Risks: What You Need to Know about Unemployment Benefits  – 1 Elective Credit, Tammy Brown, HR/UI Coordinator, Savio HR Solutions

Click HERE for PowerPoint: Fire Prevention – 1 Elective Credit, Kevin Butler, Deputy State Fire Marshall, MS State Fire Marshal’s Office

Click HERE for PowerPoint: Anatomy of a Claim – From Reporting to Resolutions, the Do’s & Donts, 1 Elective Credit, Lisa Wells -Claims Supervisor, CCMSI  and Jamie Lee Jacks and Arnold Luciano - Jacks, Griffith, Luciano, P.A.

Tuesday, June 14

Click HERE for PowerPoint: MS Medical Cannabis Act, Kris Jones – MS Department of Health and David Caldwell - MS Department of Revenue

Click HERE for PowerPoint: County Supervisors Salary Readjustment

Click HERE for PowerPoint: Lt. Governor Hosemann

Click HERE for PowerPoint: 2022 Legislative Session Recap – 1 Elective Credit, Steve Gray, MAS Director of Governmental Affairs

Click HERE for PowerPoint: Taxation 101 and Tax Levy – 1 Core Credit,  Warren Greenlee – Attorney, Young Law Group

Wednesday, June 15

Click HERE for PowerPoint: MDEQ Dam Safety Grant Program, William McKercher, P.E., Chief, Dam Safety Division

 Click HERE for PowerPoint: State Matching ARPA Funds, Chris Wells, MDEQ Executive Director, 1 Elective Credit

 Click HERE for PowerPoint: Infrastructure Update from MDOT,   Brad White, MDOT Executive Director

Click HERE for PowerPoint: Infrastructure Update from State Aid–Harry Lee James, State Aid Engineer1 Core Credit

Click HERE for PowerPoint: Active Shooter: Threat Management & Security Crisis Response, 1 Elective Credit, Vaughn Baker - Strategos International 

Click HERE for PowerPoint: County Purchasing Law 1 Core Credit, Tom Chain - MS Office of the State Auditor

Click HERE for PowerPoint: Rural Fire Truck Program/Use of Rebate Funds/First Responders & Law Enforcement Benefits  – 1 Elective Credit, Mike Chaney, Commissioner of Insurance & State Fire Marshall






Presentations from Fall Workshop on 10/19-21/2021

Click HERE for BCI's PP on 10/19 at 2 pm

Click HERE for C SPIRE's PP on 10/19 at 2 pm

Click HERE for State Auditor's PP on 10/20 at 9 am

Click HERE for MEMA's PP on 10/20 at 10:45 am

Click HERE for State Aid's PP on 10/21 at 8:30 am

Click HERE for Attorney General's PP on 10/21 at 9:30 am

Click HERE for Steve Gray's PP on 10/21/ at 10:30 am

Presentations from ARPA 2021 Seminar on 9/8/2021

Please click HERE for State Auditor's PP Presentation

Please click HERE for MAS PP Presentation 

Presentations From 2021 Annual Convention 

Tuesday 6/15/21 and Wednesday 6/16/21 2021 Legislative Recap PowerPoint - STEVE GRAY

Tuesday, 6/15/21 PERS Update

Tuesday 6/15/21 County Budgeting Process - Rhuel Dickinson, Simpson County Administrator

Wednesday 6/16/21 E-911 Round Table Discussion 

Wednesday 6/16/21 Risk Management Workshop Presentation 


Presentation from 2021 Regional Legislative Meetings

Click HERE for MDA PowerPoint presentation

Presentations from 2020 Annual Buisness and Memebership Meeting

Click Following Link: 2020 Legislative Recap - Steve Gray, MAS Govermental Affairs Director 

Click Following LinkCOVID-19 Emergency Relief Program - Director Greg Michel, MEMA

Presentation from 2020 Mid-Winter Legislative Conference (Hilton Jackson)

2020 Legislative Session- Steve Gray

Ad Valorem Taxation 101 - Sumner Davis 

Public Records - Tom Hood, Ethics Commission 

MS Insurance Dept. - Mike Chaney, Commissioner 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Association - Derrick Surrette

Handling Employment Matters:Hiring and Firing as a Public Entity - Will Allen

Presentations from 2019 New Term Orientation (Hilton Jackson)

MDOT - Emergency Relief PowerPoint

MDOT - LPA Engineers District Map

State Aid Engineer PowerPoint


Presentations from 2019 Annual Conference (Gulf Coast):

2019 Legislation Session Recap: By Steve Gray

Local Government Debt-Setoff 


Presentations from 2018 Fall Workshop (Tupelo):

MAS Legislative Update:  By Steve Gray, Director of Govermental Affairs


Presentations from 2018 Annual Conference (Gulf Coast):

Bridge Funding: Is there a Solution in Sight?:  By Derrick Surrette/ Steve Gray

Legislative Issues Trending in the Southeastern Region: By Steve Gray 

Industry Safety Update: By Sharon George - MS Chapter of SWANA Safety Ambassador 

Youth Mental Health First Aid: By August Irving - Hinds Behaviroal Health Services Region 9


Presentations from 2017 Fall Educational Workshop (Vicksburg):

MAS Legislative Proposals By Steve Gray

Violence in the Workplace: Zero Tolerance: By Heather Wagner, MS Attorney General's Office

New Legislation: Reverse Auction Update: By Patrick Dendy, MS Auditor's Office

New Surplus Reallocation Tool: By Jason Robinson, GovDeals

Federal Legislation: Infrastructure, Health Care and More: By Kevan Stone, NACo


Presentations from the MAS 88th Annual Convention (June 2017):

Nationwide Fiduciary Responsibility: By Carlos Greene, David Belnick, Scott Curtis


Presentations from the 2017 Mid-Winter Legislative Conference:

Open Forum Discussion: By Steve Gray

Legislative Session Discussion: By Steve Gray


Presentations from the 2016 County Road Show:

MAS White Paper







Presentations from the 2016 Fall Educational Workshop (Starkville):

Establishing Your County's Web Presence - Lauren-Colby Lindley

2017 Legislative Platform - Steve Gray

Volunteer Fire Departments: Challenges & Opportunities - Mark Lampton and Brad Smith

FLSA Overtime Rules - Danny Griffith (by request only)


Presentations from the 2016 Annual Convention:

Hot Topics in Employment Law (FLSA) - Presented by Gary Friedman

2015 County Government Homestead Reimbursement & Tax Loss - Presented by Sumner Davis

MS Dept. of Health - Closed Point of Dispensing Program - Presented by Wayne Vaughn

Utility Permitting on County Right-of-Way - Presented by Brooks Miller

What Every Supervisor Should Know about Public Finance - Presented by Jim Young and Warren Greenlee

Explanation of Legislative Process - Presented by Steve Gray


Presentations from the 2016 Mid-Winter Legislative Conference:

Ethics Commission - Presented by Chris from Office of Tom Hood

Legislative Toolkit - Presented by Steve Gray

When Media Calls - Presented by Elizabeth North   Handout

Presentations from the 2015 New Term Orientation:

MAS Overview - Presented by Derrick Surrette

Employment Law - Presented by Will Allen and Danny Griffith

Supervisor 101 - Presented by Leslie Scott

Ad Valorem Taxes

State Auditor's Office

From the Office of the State Auditor:

End of Term Do's and Don'ts

Presentations from the 2015 MAS Summer Conference:

Auditor's Presentation & State Auditor Video - Presented by Stacey Pickering                                                                          

Inmate Medical Containment Presentation & Cost Containment Video                                        

Funds Comparison Presentation - Presented by Sumner Davis

Homestead 2014 County Tax Loss Certificate Information 

Social Media Do's and Don'ts - Presented by Lara Bowman

From the 2015 NACo Legislative Conference:

The Director of the Office of Emergency Management, Miami-Dade County, Florida,  presented a program they have in place which is designed to Manage disasters through community partnerships. Miami-Dade has designed C.O.R.E.-Communities Organized to Respond in Emergencies. C.O.R.E. identifies ways to connect Faith-based & Community Organizations during the time of an emergency.  Details on C.O.R.E and related community based emergency management plans,  can be found here.

Economic Presentations


State Economist

State Treasurer

2015 Mid-Winter Legislative Conference:

Legislative Proposals  - Presented by Steve Gray.

E-911 Funding - Presented by Rankin County EOC.

Final Year Budget Issues - Presented by the Office of the State Auditor.

CPP Overview - Presented by Mississippi Power.