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Health Clinic

Vigilant Health provides health care services for self-insured employers and health plans. Vigilant Health’s transformative model of integrated health management services delivers highly personalized, data-driven care that results in behavioral change, dramatically improved outcomes, and substantially lower costs year after year, beginning in the first year. Vigilant has consistently delivered the same outstanding results in every type of market for every demographic and payor group. Through collaboration with the local medical community, Vigilant Health actively supports the practices of primary care physicians while helping self-insured employers, payors and individuals realize immediate cost benefits as well as long-term savings while achieving better health outcomes. To learn more about Vigilant Health’s proprietary technology, shared savings approach and demonstrated results, visit

Contact Info: 

Austin Triggs
1040 River Oaks Dr. Ste 320
Flowood, MS 39232-9530


Phone: 601.750.3787
Cell: 615.491.8235