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Reaching out with a couple updates related to U.S. Treasury reports due tomorrow, August 31:


  1. We just received the below note from Treasury about the revenue loss calculation requirement included in the Interim Report. If a county has not yet calculated its revenue loss, they now have the ability to enter in a zero if no estimate is available. They will be allowed to update this calculation in future reports.

Treasury Response:  Treasury understands that some entities have not yet completed their revenue replacement calculations, and in order to complete the Interim Report under these circumstances you can use the best available estimate (or put zero if no estimate is available) in the required revenue replacement fields for now. You can also use the text field to explain that your government is still determining the revenue replacement amount, and how it will be spent. You will have an opportunity to update it in subsequent reporting and Treasury will not interpret zero in the Interim Report as final.

  1. NACo has requested that Treasury provide a reporting extension for counties in regions that have been impacted by Hurricane Ida. They have confirmation receipt of this request and will follow up later today.
  1. We are making great progress with the “pending” list of counties who have yet to apply and/or receive their ARP Treasury county aid.  We sincerely appreciate your partnership in this massive endeavor!


Thank you.

Matt Chase, CEO/Executive Director
National Association of Counties