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Emergency Road & Bridge Repair Fund 

Recognizing the significance transportation infrastructure has on the State’s economy and its importance to the citizens for mobility, the Mississippi Legislature established the Emergency Road and Bridge Repair Fund (ERBRF) during the 2018 Extraordinary Session to revitalize public roads and bridges across the state. In addition to establishing the ERBRF, the Legislature also provided the necessary authority to initially fund the program up to $250 million.


The Mississippi Transportation Commission at their January 22, 2019 meeting unanimously voted to award ERBRF Projects. 

The bond proceeds were deposited into the ERBR Fund by the first part of February 2019. MDOT sent each awarded agency a notice of award amount and next steps led to the distribution of funds. The letters were mailed at the first part of February. A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the awarded agency and the Mississippi Department of Transportation accompanied the letter. Information on the content of the MOA can be found on the ERBRF website at Each agency was responsible for signing the MOA and returning it to MDOT. Once the MOA was fully executed, MDOT distributed the funds to the awarded agency.


In accordance with the legislation, the following goals were established:


  • Goal 1 – Fund projects that meet an existing SAFETY concern to the traveling public.

  • Goal 2 – Fund projects that restore COMMERCE and the ECONOMIC VITALITY of the community,region, state, or nation.

  • Goal 3 – Fund projects that address existing issues of impeding MOBILITY AND ACCESSIBILITY on public roadways.

  • Goal 4 – Fund projects that can be designed and constructed to MEET THE INTENT OF HB 1.


The following timeline was also established:


  • October 2018 – Survey locals, develop rule and application process

  • November 2018 – File Temporary Rule and Start Application Period

  • December 2018 – Application Deadline and Begin Evaluation Process

  • January 2019 – MTC Approval of Projects; bond funds available for transfer to locals


Through collaboration and input from the ERBRF Advisory Board and local governments, the following key criteria were incorporated into the project selection process:


  • Safety

  • Emergency Vehicle Access

  • Condition of Bridges

  • Economic Impacts

  • Project Readiness

  • Traffic Volume

  • Truck Volume

  • Facility Type

  • Regional Significance

  • Innovative Financing or Design

  • Access to Schools


For any additional questions, please contact MDOT at