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ARPA Funding for Destination Marketing Organization is Now Available

The Mississippi Association of Supervisors was informed yesterday by the MS Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) that the portal to apply for the Destination Marketing Organization Grant (DMO) Program is now open. The deadline for entities to submit Prequalification Application for the Destination Marketing Organization Grant Program is August 26, 2022.

We are recommending that counties forward this information to their “Local Destination Marketing Organizations”. These organizations will be your local tourism/visitor’s bureau. 

The revenue for this program was established in Section 2 of House Bill 453. These funds will only be used for marketing activities (NOTE: This is an opportunity to work with your local DMO to promote your county).

Under this law, “Marketing Activities” are defined as multimedia marketing/advertising, including digital media, broadcast media and printed media, including travel publication, production, travel market sector analysis, consumer travel sentiment, public relations, communication strategy, direct sales bookings, group tour bookings, tourism development and administrative costs to execute marketing activities related to the business disruption effects of COVID-19 as expressed in Section 1 of House Bill 453.

The link below will send an eligible Destination Marketing Organization directly to DFA’s portal to apply for the grant.

If there are any questions, please contact Marcy Scoggins at 601.359.5202