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MAS Inmate Medical Cost Containment Program

MAS has partnered with a Mississippi-domiciled Third Party Administrator (TPA) to provide inmate medical/RX savings as well as competent and efficient claims administration to MAS member counties. These claims auditors each have over 10 years of experience in claims administration.

  • This program provides the following services:
    • ​Evaluation of medical service codes and appropriate Medicaid repricing for claims payment
    • Proper coordination of benefits by intercepting Medicare eligibility (age, disability, renal failure, etc.) applicable private insurance, etc.
    • Pre-certification of necessary services for non-emergency medical admissions
    • Efficient claims processing and turnaround time between billing and provider payment
    • Monthly, quarterly, and annual reports to the county detailing total billed charges disallowed charges, charges paid, and total savings for the county
      • TPA fee based solely on savings found!

 Open this link to see how the program works